Competitive Gaming

If you love competitive gaming, CompetitiveVideoGames is for you. Whether it's finding a team, managing your team or competing in our tournaments, we got it.

How good are you at Halo? We'll find out.

CompetitiveVideoGames assigns every user a "Competitive Score" based off their bungie.net stats. Our site interpets and tracks your stats and assigns

you an appropriate "Competitive Score". We determine your score based off you stats in all competitive playlists and in the MLG playlist. Your stats in the MLG playlist are weighted more heavily than your stats in the competitive playlists because generally players that play more MLG are more competitive players.

Online Halo Tournaments

CompetitiveVideoGames have hosted 7 halo tournaments, the first one being on January 1st 2009, and the most recent one on June 20th 2009. The goal of our tournaments is for players to have fun, compete, and finish all in one night. We've taken sometime off from hosting tournaments to update the site, however more tournaments are coming.


To find out more, register for CompetitiveVideoGames.com and register on the forums.






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